What makes our products unique?

We are striving to provide our clients a perfect product – combining gentle creamy taste, thick and dense structure, high in microflora of useful bacteria and pieces of fresh fruit.

The consistency of product quality and our service begins with clearly defined parameters in the selection of raw materials from biо-certified farms producing milk from grazing cows.

We are motivated to do our best, build trust and confidence in our team and our products.

Our brand is our promise of constant quality and wonderful taste!

Biodata products, in addition to being delicious and healthy, are a great addition to your breakfast cereal. With them, you can also prepare pastry cakes or rejoice your children and friends with these milk sorbets on a stick. Here`s how:
  • Gross a few strawberries and raspberries
  • Stir them with two strawberry jars of bioda
  • Pour them into ice cream molds and freeze for about three hours
Someone will be very happy!